Talk Event@WORK LAB YATSUGATAKE  駅から始めるイノベーション

Talk Event@WORK LAB YATSUGATAKE  駅から始めるイノベーション


 This time we are featuring a seminar that was held at WORK LAB YATSUGATAKE in December 2019, in which Tateshina Juku (*)  took part as administrator.
The lecturers were two renowned members of urban planning and regional revitalization: Tsutomu Iijima, representative of CO-WORK and an active conceptor; and Eiki Tanizuka, a landscape designer.  With the theme – “Train Station Generating Innovation” – they shared their experiences and ideas on regional revitalization.  The seminar was very informative and thought provoking, but I can only pick up a few most impressive phrases, although I was tempted to share them all with you!

Relationship Value

This is the first time I have heard of Relationship Value.  It simply means a relationship with value is important, and
“A good business is a good company, and that gets good customers”
“A good husband and a good wife for a couple. To choose a good friend leads to a good life.”
A life with people understanding you, is a better life

“Regional revitalization also shares the same philosophy. The word” good “here refers to whether the sensitivity is rich.  It is often said that, “materialism” created value in the past, and “Influence” is what creates value in the future. Materialism = something that we own and therefore is an expression of ourselves, but it is our “action” that express ourselves in the future.

‘ “Influence” is  based on trust, a deep understanding of each others, connection and support with others.  It is difficult to understand every single person, but trust is the capital, as some economists suggest. ”
Trusting, connecting, supporting each other, those are exactly the themes of life.  You cannot ignore these values during work or daily life, and a person would never be fulfilled if being alone.

The great turning point of Civilization – Era of Sensitivity
“We are finally entering an era of sensitivity.  Something that cannot be explained only by logic, something that is intangible.  Philosophy becomes important,” said Iijima.

“Designing a town or region is associated with a view of the world.  To what extent can you draw out the story of your customers’ heart? To get a commission fee and return with a design plan is a materialistic business model.  What we want to develop is an Influence Business Model.  To absorb ideas from the region, then to generate an ecosystem that provides better lifestyle.  Of course we may have to persuade our clients, where different perspectives is necessary.’
‘We should start by looking at the region with a “scale of time”, then “scale of space”.  There is also a “scale of self” – What is asked of me? Why am I necessary to this place?

If we don’t take regional revitalization as something that “I” should do, but rather someone else’s job, then there will be no excitement.’


‘We should start by looking at the region with a “scale of time”, then “scale of space”.  There is also a “scale of self” – What is asked of me? Why am I necessary to this place?
If we don’t take regional revitalization as something that “I” should do, but rather someone else’s job, then there will be no excitement.’

‘What if we build residential building?  How can Chino City improve to somewhere we want to live?  What is the impact of Yatsugatake Mountain to Chino City? How can we generate the attractiveness of this city?
Even the most detailed part should consider the concept of the place, the concept is what brings about empathy.  The smiles of children, the sparkle in everyone’s eyes, they are the motivation for creation.’ said Danzuka.

Danzuka shared two of his experimental houses, which are located in Oita and Yokosuka.  They are case studies for experiences of living with nature. These are both old houses being renovated, with concepts that pay tributes to people who lived there and the space itself, and also the designer’s exciting ideas of how he would live there.  It is because of these real experiences that generated his different perspectives.

  The seminar also tackled issues relating to regional government organization.
 ‘It is essential to stay open-minded for a wide view of the world.  To create a future with an open mind is essential for the government.  There are different social problems such as aging, but nothing is as important as the skills and power of creating the future.  To work together with creative minds, to produce an “engine” for tomorrow. These are what the government is being asked of.’

  ‘Problem-solving should not be the final goal for a project.  If we are only aiming to solve a problem, we can never dream big.  The ability to live tomorrow, dream, love, they are the goal for us to achieve.  It is true for a single person’s life, but also a company. Without dream or love, it is only a duplication of somebody else’s work, not something new.  Vitality is the answer to new design.’

  These are my extract from the seminar.  For those of you who attended the seminar would probably find something that touches your heart.  I enjoyed the seminar very much and it felt too short. I look forward to more seminars! 




今回は2019年12月にWORK LAB YATSUGATAKEで行われたセミナーをレポート。蓼科塾では事務局として関わったものだ。(※はじめに断っておくが私見である)