1.Seasonal vegetable (sticky potato) potage
2.Yuba (soybean sheet)
3.Tofu pickle with miso
4.Soy milk by style of cream cheese
5.Pasted Tofu with vegetables
6.Pickled Japanese traditional freeze-and-dry-tofu with Nanban Vinegar
7.Rotus loot ball (Deep fried grated-lotus-root and pasted bean by Japanese vegan style
8.Boiled radish and yuzu miso
9.Vegan hamburger steak (grilled minced-soybeans and root vegetables with onion sauce)
10.Japanese seasonal green (Mizuna) boiled by Japanese traditional style (ohitashi)
11.Pasted sticky potate
12.Marinated carrot with plum vinegar
13.Cooked sweet potato with rice
14.Mixed vegetable soup with miso taste (Kenchin soup)
15.Compote of sticky rice dumpling (shiratama) mixed with tofu and edible ground cherry (houzuki)
Menu supervision @ Kyoko Nakamura

The ghost”Viginsama” that lives on Mount Tateshina, one of the Yatsugatake mountains
When they meet the ghost, they take a break from work.
Vegan Japanese food was born at the base of such “Viginsama”.
Using the latest refrigeration technology, we deliver a fresh taste without any additives.
meal that is friendly not only to humans but also to the earth.
That’s Vegan Japanese vegan food.
Why don’t you forget your busy days and take a break?